“MANGO did the best job finding us the perfect yacht - helping us plan our itinerary - what restaurants to visit – and even hand picked our Captain – FANTASTIC!”

Fractional Ownership in a large 57′ or 64′ yacht

How do you own a BIG new Jeanneau 57 or 64 at minimal cost and maximum use? Fractional Ownership is the answer.
Mango is active in putting together partners for fractional ownership in the new Jeanneau 57 and 64 skippered yachts. Own as little as 1/6th of a yacht and get two weeks of owner use a year and all the joy that comes with big yacht ownership.
We assist with setting up a partnership LLC of which you become a share holder, that owns the yacht.
We oversee the build and commissioning of the yacht. We procure the essentials and outfit the yacht as needed for charter and ownership. We help with the delivery and make sure the yacht is in ‘ready to go’ shape at it’s final destination. Management of the yacht is also handled by Mango. It’s a turn key operation designed for complete ownership satisfaction.
Programs vary depending on the yacht and ownership agreements. Owner use can be increased if desired. Basic plans are flexible and designed to offset annual expenses with charter income.
Please email patrick if you’d like to discuss further opportunities in fractional ownership.